The superfast virtual rally and racing champion Lance Guballa won all 4 rounds of the PS4 division and all the premiere Shootout rounds to take the first ever MP TURBO ERALLYX CHAMPIONSHIP recently!
The young Guballa had been the target by his peers since he started in the different MP Turbo virtual championships and had adapted well to the first -ever virtual Rallycross series. Lance was also the champion in the just concluded MP Turbo Mabuhay Super Special Shootout last July 3, 2020.
Another very fast ERally driver John Lawrence Bernardo came in 2nd overall and won the PC division.  John’s 3rd round win and his 2nd place in the final round made up for the slow start in the series.  His dedication to the ERally world is very commendable and he will be another driver to watch in the future.
The real world, multi-titled and last year’s MP Turbo ROC champion Carlos Anton finished in 3rd overall and 2nd in the PC division.  The living legend took the first 2 rounds of the series in the PC division and kept battling it out with Guballa in the Shootout. Sadly, he missed the 3rd round due to his wife Karen’s birthday and had a bad final round finish. Carlos is still happy though as he was able to beat all the virtual PC drivers in the early going and had given Lance a good fight in the first 2 round Shootouts.
A new convert to the sim racing world and adapted to it very fast was Raffy Dizon who came in 4th overall and 2nd behind Lance in the PS4 division.  Raffy would have been up there in the top 3 but missed the finals of the last round as they were having connection problems. Raffy won the MP Turbo Mabuhay ERally Championship a month ago and beat Lance that time. His time will come in the very near future as he is a very worthy competitor!
The newest virtual racer, real world ROC winner and also a registered nurse Andrew Stephen Tuason was the revelation of the series when he took 5th place overall and 3rd in the PC Division.  Andrew gained momentum near the end and was always in the top 5 Final races for the whole series.
MP Turbo would like to thank all the participants and the event co-organizers/racers Nico Salvador, Andrew Tuason, Jp Santillan, Henry Buenconsejo, Keanu Dominado, Bong Africa
and Ryan Joseph Dizon for their valuable help that made the MP Turbo ERallyX Championship a success!
There will be race video highlights and will have them here soon. There will be new ERallies coming like the ROC Season 2 and the Dakar Rally plus the endurance circuit series called the MP Turbo Le Mans Championship. Stay tuned for the announcements.