We are back!

To all our family, fans and friends, we are back and kicking!

With everyone missing Motorsports and our popular Rally Of Champions events, we are making our home bodies back to work by updating our website and making it more exciting than before!

We have updated our menu to include our main passion which is Motorsports, now from all over the world and here in our midst.

We are also happy to announce that we have made the jump into the sim racing world with our ROC ERally Championship, Superbattle ERacing, ROC ERally Series B, Mabuhay ERally Championship and Super Special Shootout Challenge. We have our MP Turbo ERallyX, Dakar ERally and many more championships also planned during this pandemic.

We will be doing our best to get you the latest Motoring news, from both local and international arenas, and add more videos and live coverage of the launches of the car manufacturers.

All will be brought to your most convenient gadget, without any risk of getting the pandemic or losing sleep over finding out what we think of the latest product out there. Godspeed and catch you all soon!