Welcome to MP TURBO.COM!

MP TURBO is one of the most prolific teams in the Philippines! Starting back in 1983, the team had won championships in rally, racing, karting and recently, endurance racing.

MP TURBO is led by Mike Potenciano who wasn’t just a racer, but also helped the sport by organizing Motorsports events from on- and off-road, 2-4 wheels, all around the country. Mike had also helped new drivers attain their dreams through the MP TURBO Team and mentored a lot of champions in his MP TURBO Racing School of Champions.

The international race and rally champion had progressed to be part of the Motoring Media with TV, radio and now online shows. Mike is still making his mark in racing with almost 40 years of experience and doesn’t seem to slow down soon!

Hope you like our MP TURBO site and please leave a comment or suggestion on what you would like to see here. Godspeed and stay safe!