By Mike Potenciano
May 20, 2018

Our successful Petron Rally of Champions Presented by KIA had back to back rounds that featured Time Speed Distance Rally on Saturday for Round 2 and Autocross on Sunday Round 3. Here’s part 2 of our Turbo Time coverage that led to the exciting climax in the end!


The 3rd stage went to the Petron Gateway Station where an Artillery Monument is located behind it. Then the teams were supposed to end at the Clark Speedway but due to delays of some competitors, we were held up and couldn’t catch up with the leaders. Thus, we had to cut short the timed stage up to the Clark North Toll Booth.

This is where the KIA team of Boy Eusebio really shined and surprised everyone with only 32 demerits to take 1st place. 2nd went to the Dizon Family of Ramon, Ryan and Raffy in a Mini drove well with 195 demerits. Go Flat Out’s James Tagle, Isaac Atienza and Gilbert Jose took a hard fought 3rd place with 205. Kia’s Joel Lago, Ray Reyes and Rico Gino went up to 4th with 242. Stuart Samson’s Mini team fell down to 5th place with 266.


The event not only had timing and route compliance as the winner’s basis but the trivia questions and pictures to be taken along the route. There were 50 demerits given for any wrong or unfilled blanks on the sheets. This kept everyone on their toes and really involved each member to look for the answers along the way.

After checking all the answers and computing their respective demerits, there was a tie between KIA’s Boy Eusebio and MINI’s Stuart Samson with 577 demerits each. It was the first time that this happened and Eusebio gets the 1st overall points due to his better timed run demerits. 3rd overall went to the Tuasons and was just reward since there was a very good atmosphere amongst their family members. GFO’s James Tagle got 4th and Dizons’ 5th.

Family Division went to the Tuasons, followed by Dizons and Reyes Family. Novice champion was Jeffrey Soberon, Dondon Yu and Gino Matibag from Subic. Master’s Division was taken by the overall winner Boy Eusebio and Raul Tuason in 2nd place. Paul Tolentino with the Valino family of Rose and her kids got 2nd in Novice and 3rd in the Master’s Class.

Mini Team took 1st overall through the efforts of Samson and Dizon in the Team Championship. Coming in close 2nd was the KIA Team of Eusebio and Africa. Finally, Go Flat Out of Tagle and Tolentino came in 3rd.



Our featured discipline was Slaloms for the 3rd round of the Petron Rally of Champions Presented by Kia. We had a new venue that was tighter but was easier on the tires and this was the Subic Coastal Development Corporation’s parking lot in front of Pier One along Waterfront Road. However, lahar sand was still everywhere and this made the track slippery and exciting!

Some of our participants had already done the TSD Rally the day before and they are feeling fatigue, like us. We were still full of adrenaline though and were buoyed by the big attendance of the local Subic group led by 1st leg Arrive and Drive winner, Jeff Soberon.


The short track was laid out to have multiple wide and tight 180 degree turns, chicanes and even enough for one high speed turn. We were able to do 3 track designs for the Rally of Champions wherein the champions couldn’t practice with the KIA Cars.

Coming back for the first 3 rounds were the mighty 1.2 liter Kia Picanto, the pretty and nimble 1.6 liter Kia Rio and the fastest, 2 liter Kia Forte Coupe. All the cars are stock and with automatic transmissions. The only modifications we did was fit them with Michelin Tires and Rota Wheels to give them more grip and higher cornering forces in this tight track.

The weather was really hot but we had a wind that was welcomed and despised at the same time; in the morning nd early afternoon, they blew the dust where we put up the tents! The winds also become powerful with sudden gusts and destroyed a couple of our tents. Luckily, the winds shifted and we were blessed with the dust going away from us.

This event turned out to be the biggest attended event and we had more than 50 entries and 35 cars. In only our 2nd weekend, this is really a big achievement especially when you consider that this was our 2nd out of Metropolis Manila and at the end of SCTEX. Great sign that the Petron ROC is really going up!

Next week, we will show the great family affair come out in the Rally of Champions and I am sure you have heard about it now as it is also featured in our \Motorsports pages. Godspeed!

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