Here’s what I wrote last April in my column about the first round of the ROC in Subic.  This is the 1st of a 3 part series and will be a good read on how miracles still happen, especially for our ROC. Hope you like it:

When I got to rest and pondered on what just transpired in the Petron Rally of Champions presented by KIA last weekend, all I can say was, “PRICELESS!”

With more than 40 participants, doing 60 plus entries, last March 24-25, we successfully launched the ROC with its 3 races, namely Arrive and Drive, Super Battle and the Petron Rally of Champions.  The venue was also very convenient and safe for all as it was the old Subic Kart Track right along the Main Avenue in front of the Yacht Club.

The best judge is always the social media postings that accompany the event after.  I knew we did well after we created quite a stir in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!  It wasn’t only I that was showing a big smile, but my whole, dedicated MP Turbo team and all those that participated as well!

Here are just some of the interesting inside stories of the past 2 days of glorious racing.


Our Petron Rally of Champions Presented by KIA came about after the successful exploits of our Filipino racing sensations Milo Rivera and Carlos Anton.  They got the 2016 Asian Gymkhana title in Taiwan and was the biggest spectacle for that year.  Last year, the AGC became a 4 leg series around South East Asia.  Our Philippine team had its ups and downs with Rivera-Anton winning one round but couldn’t race in all legs.

Asian Gymkhana Champions Milo Rivera and Carlos Anton – Photo by Bong Buado

We decided to emulate the Asian Gymkhana series and hold our own Rally of Champions series that will to prepare our drivers.  Our first run was in last year’s History Convention and it was a very good launch.  The overall champion was Rally driver Ivan Isada who had to contend with unknown, 18yo Slalom driver Adriel Pacis from Cabanatuan.  It was a perfect story to tell and the ROC format was proclaimed by battle-hardened drivers as the perfect format to have!

With Petron finally coming back to racing, with their support of the F4 South East Asia Championship, we were able to get them to support this newest championship.  It will be the Decathlon of Motorsports with 10 rounds of different Motorsports disciplines.  This will also answer the need for all kinds of drivers, young or old, with stock or modified cars, to race in their own race during the weekend.


After a lot of delays that happened along the way, we finally got our perfect venue and it all brought us back to the Subic Lemans Kart Track!  We had a very supportive SBMA Chairman Atty Wilma Eisma and the whole Tourism Department headed by Ms. Mary Jamelle Camba and associates Fritz Manuel and Cezar Alcantara.  They made it easier for us to hold it there as they still remember our Subic racing days!

With our orginal Subic Karting Team of Alex Layson and Olongapo Mayor Rolen Paulino.

When the Americans left Clark and Subic due to Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption in 1991, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority was formed to take care of the base with Chairman Richard Gordon at the helm.  Our Sports Values Inc group of President Pocholo Ramirez, yours truly as Vice President, Treasurer Mandy Eduque, Macky Carapiet and others got the concession for the SIR Track near the airport.  SIR was the very first race track of the country and had our first race in 1994!

Our MP Turbo group along with fellow Subic racing enthusiasts Rolen Paulino, Alex Layson and others got the kart track and renamed it the Subic Lemans Kart Track.  We had lots of racing champions that started in that small track like the Michelle and Mark Bumgarner, especially having our MP Turbo National Kart Series visiting the place regularly in 1994-1997.  JP Tuason, Tyson Sy and a lot more raced and loved that technical track.

KIA lent out their small Picanto, compact Rio and sporty Forte Coup for the ROC; they made us believers that KIA is really a brand that can last the rigors of racing with the Champions!


The biggest factor that was settled early on was KIA’s support of the Petron ROC.  With the great experience we had in the History Convention ROC with their cars, they were our first choice for the event and KIA didn’t hesitate to support us.

Armed with their mighty and nimble, 1000cc Picanto, the very agile and fast, 1500cc Rio and the powerful and best all around handler, 2000cc Forte Coup, we knew our participants would be quite happy in the short, challenging Lemans course.  What we didn’t know was if they would withstand the champions’ flat out use and they did!


Our best kept secret was that all 3 KIAs were fitted with the high performance Michelin Pilot Sport Tires and this made the champions really love the way they handled!  We were lucky that all cars had their tire sizes in stock.  This was a huge blessing as this doesn’t happen all the time and someone up there really liked us!

Rota was our Official Wheel supplier and Motolite Batteries as our Official Batteries.  Motolite actually saved the day as we had problems with our timing system and with a little tinkering, we were able to make them run on 12 volts DC battery.  Whew!

Next week, we will give you the exciting Round 1 race results of the Petron Rally of Champions.  There a lot more inside stories and stay tuned. Godspeed and Happy Easter!




Happy New Year to All!  After a very successful inaugural season of the Petron MP Turbo Rally of Champions, we will do an official review of all the rounds in our upcoming posts.

     We will include videos, pics and stories submitted by our racers plus our onboard videos that have never been seen before.  Hope you can all stay tuned and will post them asap!

      Here is one of the better videos taken by the Tuason Family and see how exciting our last leg of Dirt Trials was in Canlubang Lifestyle Center last December 8-9, 2018.


Our newest and hardest Philippine Motorsports event, the Petron Rally Of Champions, will be coming this Feb. 17-18, 2018 at the Clark Freeport.

It will be like the Decathlon of Motorsports, with 10 rounds of different racing and rallying disciplines all in one championship! We start with Gymkhana, then do Tarmac Hillclimb and Dirt Trials for the first quarter of the year.  We will also see Karting, Dirt Hillclimb, Time Speed Distance Rally, Dirt and Tarmac Rallying. The champion of this series is truly deserving to be the Champion of Champions!

This will be a 2 day weekend event where all cars and drivers are able to join.  We will have the ARRIVE AND DRIVE for regular street cars and the exciting SUPER BATTLE where the fastest cars and drivers will do battle on Saturday.

The ARRIVE AND DRIVE will be easy for anyone to win as you only have to be consistent to win.  After your practice round, you will nominate your time and try to hit it all the time.  There will be a 1 demerit for every 0.1 second that you are off from your time.  The least number of demerits will win in your class and you progress to the bracket knock out battle.

The SUPER BATTLE will have Open classes for Overall, 4WD, FWD, RWD and Prototype.  They will just go for best time in their classes and will be the most exciting event to watch.

The winners of the ARRIVE AND DRIVE brackets and the SUPER BATTLE classes will qualify to do battle in Sunday’s Race of Champions! The Race of Champions will follow Asian Gymkhana rules where participants fight each other in the same cars provided by car manufacturer/s.

There will be PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE AND MASTERS Divisions at stake, along with the TOP QUALIFIER Class of the day before.  The pre-determined number of winners in each class then goes to the Knockout event to determine the Overall Champion of that ROC Round!

Will be posting the details soon and help us spread the word!

Hello MP TURBO Friends & Fans!

Welcome to our new MP TURBO website!  We are still trying to understand all the many options that we can do with this so please bear with us. 

We will have a lot of exciting events that we will post here and in our Facebook accounts-MP Turbo Philippines, plus our own accounts of Mike Potenciano and Lindy Pellicer.  Let’s not forget all the new groups that we have made like the Philippine Motorsports History, MP Turbo Time Speed Distance Fun Run, MP Turbo Race of Champions and a lot more to come.

We will also be reporting on the different motorsports events, both here and abroad, 2 to 4 wheels to no wheels, motorized or not, powered by fossil fuels or not!  When our Filipino drivers and riders compete in these events., we will bring them right here for all to see.

We have one thing that others don’t have- lots of RETRO stuff on Philippine Motorsports through our long years of racing and rallying!  We will post them soon including the old media projects we did before like our Turbo Time Radio, Speed TV, etc.

Godspeed to you all!

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