Petron MP TURBO Rally of Champions

We found a good event that will incorporate the needs of the new enthusiasts with those of the hard core race drivers, plus it will be the Decathlon of Motorsports wherein 10 rounds will have different racing disciplines to be held together!  Called the PETRON-MP TURBO RALLY OF CHAMPIONS, this historic event will have 3 races lumped into 1 day, namely:


  • ARRIVE & DRIVE – Our answer to the Motorsport Enthusiasts’ problem of finding a good event to showcase their talent using their everyday car. They can use their production cars and nominate their time around a closed course and try to hit that time as close as possible or they incur demerits if they are faster or slower than their nominated time.  The driver with the least number of demerits wins the event!

  • SUPER BATTLE – The Fastest cars compete in an all out, closed course track to find out who has the best combination of car and driver! The cars will be grouped in the Open 4WD, FWD and RWD categories with a Top 10 Run-off to determine the Champion.


  • PETRON RALLY OF CHAMPIONS – The premiere racing event will pit the various champions in similar cars, in different racing disciplines, using the Asian Gymkhana format, now being used in the region.  There will be Qualifiers, Future, Present, Past and Masters Categories to be won in the first part of the event.  The final part will take the top winners in each category and do battle in a Top Champions Shootout to determine the winner of the Petron Rally Of Champions!