TURBO TIMES Column By Mike Potenciano

Nov 11, 2018

Our Petron MP Turbo Rally of Champions will have its Rounds 7-9 during the 1st ever Antipolo Speedfest along the Circumferential Road besides Robinsons Antipolo next weekend, November 17-18.

This unique and very successful multi-discipline racing championship has gained so much following in the last 4 weekends and we know this coming weekend will be the best leg ever! Here’s our reprint of what we wrote about when we started the Petron ROC last March and hope you like it.


With Motorsports making a big impact this year, it is common to hear from racing enthusiasts that there is just too many races happening at the same time! From Time Attack to Rallycross, Drag Racing to Endurance races, it’s really a maze out there as to which race series you would like to concentrate on.

To throw another race series into the pot, our MP Turbo Team has just come up with the PETRON RALY OF CHAMPIONS. I can already hear the groans of other racers out there. So how can this event be different from the rest? Why is it worth the time and effort to join? Here are the reasons why our ROC Championship is like no other out there and therefore worth considering if you are truly a racing enthusiast.


We have included 3 races in 1 weekend to address the need for all racers to be able to compete in the easiest way possible. The first race is called the ARRIVE and DRIVE, which you can use any stock, production car, do a practice run, nominate a time and try to hit that time consistently. You get 1 demerit for every 0.1 second that you are off from your target time. The one with the lowest number of demerits in his or her bracket, wins.

This will enable the novices to run at their own pace, use automatic cars and not overdrive to enjoy the thrills of racing. This will also be a good place for young drivers, who are not even allowed to have a driving license, to compete in a safe and organized racing event. Special classes like Juniors and Ladies are expected to be organized, too.

The next race is called the SUPERBATTLE where the goal is to set the fastest time in your specific class. This is where specially prepared race cars are used to win the different categories, namely Open Forza, Open 4WD, Open RWD, and Open 2WD. There will be sub classes for normally aspirated and turbocharged engines. We expect the best times to be coming from these machines and will highlight the great race cars now running in the different series.

The final race is the premier event called the Petron Rally of Champions where one make cars are used by the motorsports champions in the country. We have Qualifiers, Future, Present, Past and Masters’ Champions categories that will be hotly contested using the same cars.


The Petron ROC will follow the Asian Gymkhana format wherein no driver will be allowed to practice with the cars on the track. They will be given the cars to familiarize them in other areas and then run for 2-3 heats to determine who the winners are in the various categories. The top winners in each category are then grouped into a Knockout competition where the overall ROC Champion is determined.

The track will be changed after the heat runs and no practice will be again enforced. The Knockout component is the most exciting part as everyone has an equal chance of winning over the other. There is no event that anyone can run in the same conditions like that of the Petron ROC.


We are building the Petron ROC as the Decathlon of Motorsport, meaning we do 10 different racing disciplines in the ROC’s 10 round series. We start with Gymkhana this March 24-25 in Subic, then do Slaloms, Tarmac Hillclimb, Dirt Trial, Karting, Tarmac Rally, Dirt Rally and other disciplines in the succeeding rounds.

This is not going to be an easy event to master and win all the rounds. Just like track and field’s Decathlon, the winner is the most revered and celebrated athlete. The winner of the Petron ROC truly deserves to be called the Champion of Champions!


In our first exhibition ROC in History Convention last August, 2017, there was a David and Goliath scenario that came about in the finals of the ROC’s Knockout competition. 18 year old, slal

om driver Adriel Pacis went up through the ranks a


nd battled with rally champion Ivan Isada in the finals. Pacis won the first run, Isada next then Pacis made a big mistake in the final stop box and gave the win to a very happy Isada.

It was one of the most exciting climax to a long and fruitful event! A lot of the participants told us that we found the right formula for racing and they will be back again.


The ROC is the fastest way to find the best drivers are in the country and is also the most difficult to win as there is no advantage over the other drivers in terms of race car power or track familiarity. The Petron ROC will be the great equalizer for all to show what they got!

We hope that you will follow the Petron Rally of Champions. We will be bringing the highlights to your cell phones and living rooms with multimedia coverage planned for it. We hope to see you at the ROC and let’s see who the 2018 Rally of Champion will be! Godspeed!

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