By Mike Potenciano

May 13, 2018

 After our successful inaugural race of the Petron Rally of Champions Presented by KIA last March, we planned for back to back rounds to get the schedule on course and to get the participants involved in 2 days of ROC action.  What we didn’t expect was the huge turnout and the exciting climax at the end!

Petron recently sponsored the huge Toyota Vios Cup Season 5 and this gave us the chance to bring the ROC Round 2’s Time Speed Distance format to the Clark International Speedway to watch the Vios Cup races on its final Saturday race day.

We made a promise to the SBMA Tourism Department officials and our Subic friends that we will come back for another round.  So for Round 3, Sunday, we chose a new venue to showcase the Autocross discipline to all. We got a big surprise of when the Subic locals came in droves to support the race!

Here’s the first part of the Petron ROC that is really attracting a lot of drivers to its unique 3-in-1 race format and making it a true family affair.


Our Petron Time Speed Distance Rally format was launched last year and had become a hit among new and old rally enthusiasts.  We had several classes to make sure that all will come home a winner.

The 2017 Overall and Family Division winners were the Reyes Family with father Ray and his children Justin, Denise and Paula.  Team Champions were Team Dizonoiks of Ramon Raffy and Ryan Dizon.  Masters Class Champions were Boy Eusebio, Raul Tuason and Janferds Balois.

TSD is probably the best venue to practice one’s skill in route navigation and in mastering the art of calculating the perfect time needed for all checkpoints.  It’s not speed that will win this event but the team who will not get lost and be on time, all the time at announced and hidden time controls.


To help promote the 5th season of the Toyota Vios Cup, now sponsored by Petron, our ROC/TSD was programmed to get to Clark Speedway before lunch time.  However, just getting to the start venue, the Petron NLEX KM23, was hampered by severe traffic jams that extended all the way from SM North EDSA.  The 0700 hour meeting time became 0900 and we had to cancel the first stage to regroup in Petron Clark Main Avenue.

After more delays in San Simon and accidents along the way to Clark, we were able to start around 1100.  The second stage was a technical stage of more than 30 kms inside Clark Freeport that ended in Deca Wakeboard.

Leading the field was Stuart/Sandra Samson and Alex Angeles in a Mini with only 61 demerits.  The Tuason Family of rally driver Raul, wife Jackie, Benjie and Jawie came in 2nd with 154 demerits.  Master Division leader Boy Eusebio, Janferds Balois and Jerald Valdez in a KIA Picanto came in 3rd with 245 demerits.  The Reyes Family of Justin, Denise and Paula in another Mini came in 4th with 389 demerits.  5th place was Bong Africa and Jon Francisco in a KIA Forte with 425 demerits.


The 3rd stage went to the Petron Gateway Station where an Artillery Monument is located behind it.  Then the teams were supposed to end at the Clark Speedway but due to delays of some competitors, we were held up and couldn’t catch up with the leaders.  Thus, we had to cut short the timed stage up to the Clark North Toll Booth.

This is where the KIA team of Boy Eusebio really shined and surprised everyone with only 32 demerits to take 1st place.  2nd went to the Dizon Family of Ramon, Ryan and Raffy in a Mini drove well with 195 demerits.  Go Flat Out’s James Tagle, Isaac Atienza and Gilbert Jose took a hard fought 3rd place with 205.  Kia’s Joel Lago, Ray Reyes and Rico Gino went up to 4th with 242.  Stuart Samson’s Mini team fell down to 5th place with 266.


The event not only had timing and route compliance as the winner’s basis but the trivia questions and pictures to be taken along the route.  There were 50 demerits given for any wrong or unfilled blanks on the sheets.  This kept everyone on their toes and really involved each member to look for the answers along the way.

After checking all the answers and computing their respective demerits, there was a tie between KIA’s Boy Eusebio and MINI’s Stuart Samson with 577 demerits each.  It was the first time that this happened and Eusebio gets the 1st overall points due to his better timed run demerits.  3rd overall went to the Tuasons and was just reward since there was a very good atmosphere amongst their family members.  GFO’s James Tagle got 4th and Dizons’ 5th.

Family Division went to the Tuasons, followed by Dizons and Reyes Family.  Novice champion was Jeffrey Soberon, Dondon Yu and Gino Matibag from Subic.  Master’s Division was taken by the overall winner Boy Eusebio and Raul Tuason in 2nd place.  Paul Tolentino with the Valino family of Rose and her kids got 2nd in Novice and 3rd in the Master’s Class.

Mini Team thorugh the efforts of Samson and Dizon got 1st overall.  Coming in close 2nd was the KIA Team of Eusebio and Africa.  Finally, Go Flat Out of Tagle and Tolentino came in 3rd.

Stay tuned for next week’s ROC Round 3 and you will see why this event is fast becoming a family affair.  Godspeed!


By Mike Potenciano
April 15, 2018

With the new and old racing enthusiasts all agreeing that our Petron Rally of Champions Presented by KIA’s series has one of the best formats ever, we are happy to report that the 3 races in 1 event were tightly fought during the 2 days of competiton. We pick it up with the successful Arrive and Drive Sunday edition.

Arrive And Drive Race 2

The biggest winner of AAD Race 2 was stock Toyota Altis driver Raffy Dizon with a total of only 1 demerit in his 2 runs! He was able to do a perfect run with no demerit and the final run with only 0.1 second off. The run is more stunning because no gadgets, communication or outside help are allowed to get your perfect time. That is the way to win this AAD race-very consistent driving and not being too fast or slow!

Second place went to MP Turbo’s 16yo Jerald Valdez who made another great run of 2 demerits! Jerald got only a total of 0.2 second off his target driving the nimble and swift Kia Picanto. Subic’s own Jeff Soberon came in third with another great run with 9 demerits in his own FWD Mitsubishi Lancer this time.

Jeff also won the highest bracket called Group A and overall winner Raffy’s brother Ryan Dizon came in 2nd. Group B was taken by Gelo Sison with 23 demerits, Raffy Dizon got Group C with that fantastic 1 demerit run and our 15yo daughter of team owner Mark Young, Romina took Group D with 18 demerits. Her run was good for 4th overall and beating out the time of a lot veterans including her dad!


The fastest cars with the fastest drivers gave a great show for the crowd in Subic on Saturday! This was led by the 13 year old, racing sensation Iñigo Anton who posted the best time 1:56.61 in the premiere Open Forza class. His dad Carlos Anton did a better time of 1:56.30 but was done in the Open FWD class. which was not the top class. The battle of the father and son duo in Mark Young’s Honda Civic EF was the highlight of the day!

The Open RWD class was all about the drift kings doing their best to control their powerful machines and avoid sliding them too much in the tight kart track. Pampanga’s best Audel Sison took the overall win even though he used his stock Nissan Skyline after his race car blew a turbo with a time of 2:08.62. His protégé John Boban had to keep his powerful Skyline under check with a time of 2:13.55. Boban had some problems early on when his turbo pipe blew and that affected his accumulated overall time. Subic’s Soberon maximized his Friend’s Toyota GT 86 and took 3rd place with 2:23.22.


The pinnacle race of the Petron Rally of Champions Presented by KIA is the same as the title, the Petron Rally of Champions or ROC for short. The Present, Future, Past and Masters champions of the country came over to support the event, including AAP’s Motorsport Chairman and International Rally Champion Mandy Eduque.

Mandy gave some words of encouragement to our MP Turbo group that he hopes we pursue this series as it is truly unique and exciting to see the veterans back in the sport. The ROC follows the Asian Gymkhana format where our Filipino team of Carlos Anton and Milo Rivera were victorious in the inaugural race in 2016. The champions had no practice on the track, used the same KIA cars of their category and the track and cars were changed every run. This made for a very good equalizer for all participants!

Olongapo Mayor Rolen Paulino also graced the occasion and even won his special VIP class! Mayor Rolen, Mandy and the other members of the ROC Masters category all did one lap in the KIA Picanto. Rolen’s karting background and homecourt advantage gave him a fast time of 1:06.38 that no one could beat!


The 1st race of the ROC was held on Saturday and Carlos Anton continued his dominance in the Present Champions’ category. After winning in Super Battle, Carlos led Audel Sison with a fast time of 2:17:05 against Audel’s 2:25.22. John Boban came in 3rd with about 1.5 seconds off Sison’s time.

The Past Champions saw come backing driver Alvin Santos take a superb 2:24.25 leading yours truly with 2:25.79 after a slow first run. Baguio driver Alfie Concepcion made it to 3rd place with 2:26.31 and edged out rally driver Art Guevarra who was leading until the night runs.

The Future champions was easily won by junior champion Iñigo Anton over slalom driver Allen Santiago. Anton even took the fastest time in the Kia Picanto, besting all champions that drove the mighty, miniscule 1000cc car! The Masters class was won by slalom champion Roy Santiago ahead of retired Judge and MP Turbo rally driver Banny Vargas.


With the confliciting schedules of the champions, Sunday’s ROC became Race 2 of the event. Here, I saw my skills got polished the day before and got a good rest to take the Top Champions’ Shootout where all the champions of the 4 categories battled it out for the fastest accumulated time.

With a record 1st lap and a minor mistake in the 2nd lap, my 1;01.81 was enough to win 1st place overall and the Past Champions category. Fil Am driver and Future Champs winner Gene Agatep, who was a very accomplished driver in the US, took 2nd oevrall with 1:03.04. 3rd place went to Masters Champion Tom Pastor 1:03.28 and his son, Present Champion Don Pastor got 4th. Don knocked a cone early on and gave him a 2 second penalty.

The Past Champions category had rally driver Art Guevarra in 2nd and 3rd went to Subic karter Alex Layson. In Masters, retired rally drivers Raul Tuason got 2nd and Boy Eusebio in 3rd. Future Champs saw 18yo slalom sensation Adriel Pacis take 2nd and Gelo Sison in 3rd.

Next rounds will be a back to back event of the Petron ROC with 28th having the Time Speed Distance rally and on the 29th, the Autocross discipline. This will again be in Subic’s Pier One parking lot along Waterfront road. Hope to see you all during the long weekend! Godspeed!


By Mike Potenciano
April 8, 2018

The huge success of the Petron Rally of Champions Presented by KIA was not expected after several delays that were beyond our control plus the scheduling problem of getting the champions in one place. After getting the Subic Lemans Kart Track, we knew we found our ROC home!

Subic was the place where we had our initial PMRA Rallycrosses back in 1993 and eventually led us to partner up with the legend of Philippine Motorsports, Pocholo Ramirez to put up the Subic International Raceway. Now we are back and look like we found the right formula to make Subic big again in Motorsports.

Here’s the exciting racing action that transpired in our Petron ROC last March 24-25 in Subic Lemans that a lot of the participants are claiming to be the best they ever joined.


Our first round turned into a 2 day event with each day being a separate race. This was due to having 3 other Motorsport events all happening at the same weekend, namely Drag Racing at Clark, Rallycross at Lubao and AAP’s MSDP in Cagayan De Oro. Our invited ROC champions can pick which day they can attend and race in. This also gave some breathing room to have another day just in case we needed more time to finish the event.

The Subic Lemans Track is a short, 480m track made for rental karts when the Americans controlled the base. After years of non-operation, the track needed a good cleaning and we had the SBMA Fire Department and our Subic Marshals clean if for 2 days. We also lost the original Start/Finish area as it was now part of a heavy equipment parking area. It’s a blessing that there were still vacant areas near the Petron Station where we transferred our Start, Pits and Paddocks areas.



The Petron ROC is actually composed of 3 races in 1 event. We have the Arrive and Drive, the Super Battle and the actual Rally of Champions. This should answer all the needs of the racers, may they be newbies or veterans, with stock cars or highly modified ones, and the never ending issue of cheap and affordable racing!

First to be tested was the Arrive and Drive format. After we gave the participants enough practice laps around the track, we had our timing beam system get accurate lap times with no human intervention whatsoever. They then nominated their own lap times that they think they can hit consistently as we penalize them with 1 demerit for every 0.1 second when they are early of late.

The participants were given 2 laps around the technical course and had to do 3 runs. All these runs would be counted and the demerits will be accumulated in the end. The drivers will also be separated in brackets according to the fastest times and down to the slowest ones.


The beginners and junior drivers were also given the chance to compete even though they didn’t have a driver’s license yet. This is also one of our intentions as we are pushing for younger drivers to come out and try this format as they have to overdrive or be pressured to do a fast time.

We had 4 junior drivers with race team owner Mark Young fielding in his 15 yo daughter Romina and 11yo son Marky in the race. Our 16yo karter Jerald Valdez will be trying his luck in the KIA Picanto. Finally, our multi-titled, 13yo sensation Inigo Anton was with his father Carlos in Mark Young’s Racing Honda Civic EF for the Super Battle and Rally of Champions.


Our drift community, headed by Drift King Audel Sison, supported our event with a huge contingent. They brought in their powerful and sleek RWD cars and had a grand time in the Arrive and Drive race. The 300-400hp Nissan Skylines of expert John Boban and novice Peter Schroth were drifting around the corners and really wowed the crowd!

Audel nominated a fast time of 1:06 and Jason Young in the fast Mark Young’s Racing Honda Civic EF gave a 1:04 time. These too formed the fastest Bracket A and Audel managed to take first place with 30 demerits. Jason had 42 demerits after slowing down in the last 2 runs to conserve their tires.


The next bracket was formed with nominated times of 1:10-1:12. Here we saw the superior control of Mark Paragas in his white Toyota 86 came out on top with only 15 demerits! Boban’s Skyline was a beast to tame and ended in 2nd place with 34 demerits. Rounding up the top 3 was team owner Mark Young who used the 1000cc Kia Picanto to come in 3rd place with 57 demerits.

The most number of participants were in Bracket C where the times were 1:13-1:15. Warren Merdegia fended off Allen Santiago and 16yo Jerald Valdez, with 19, 22 and 33 demerits, respectively. Bracket D was won by Van Jimenez with 35 demerits in his powerful Toyota Corolla Turbo. 2nd place went to lady driver Aya Vargas, 40, and 3rd to veteran Roy Santiago, 62.

Lastly, Bracket E was won by Romina Young even though she declared the slowest time of 1:30. She just got 67 demerits against Jay Merdegia, 121, and rally driver Bayani Vargas, 131.


The faster cars is not usually the most consistent and this was proven by the Arrive and Drive Overall winner Mark Paragas in his Toyota 86 with 15 demerits. He drove close to his nominated time and took the overall win, even without the aid of electronic gadgets. 2nd overall was Warren Merdegia who has a turbo Corolla and took only 19 demerits.

The only turbo diesel in the group was Allen Santiago’s stock Hyundai Accent and drove to 3rd overall with 22 demerits. Audel Sison came in 4th and had to go back to a stock turbo Skyline. The mighty Picanto driven by Jerald Valdez came home in 5th overall.

We will have the exciting Super Battle and Rally of Champions next week and stay tuned. There are a lot of surprises including one I got in Race 2 Sunday’s race!


By Mike Potenciano
April 1, 2018

When I got to rest and pondered on what just transpired in the Petron Rally of Champions presented by KIA last weekend, all I can say was, “PRICELESS!”

With more than 40 participants, doing 60 plus entries, last March 24-25, we successfully launched the ROC with its 3 races, namely Arrive and Drive, Super Battle and the Petron Rally of Champions. The venue was also very convenient and safe for all as it was the old Subic Kart Track right along the Main Avenue in front of the Yacht Club.

The best judge is always the social media postings that accompany the event after. I knew we did well after we created quite a stir in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! It wasn’t only I that was showing a big smile, but my whole, dedicated MP Turbo team and all those that participated as well!

Here are just some of the interesting inside stories of the past 2 days of glorious racing.


Our Petron Rally of Champions Presented by KIA came about after the successful exploits of our Filipino racing sensations Milo Rivera and Carlos Anton. They got the 2016 Asian Gymkhana title in Taiwan and was the biggest spectacle for that year. Last year, the AGC became a 4 leg series around South East Asia. Our Philippine team had its ups and downs with Rivera-Anton winning one round but couldn’t race in all legs.

We decided to emulate the Asian Gymkhana series and hold our own Rally of Champions series that will to prepare our drivers. Our first run was in last year’s History Convention and it was a very good launch. The overall champion was Rally driver Ivan Isada who had to contend with unknown, 18yo Slalom driver Adriel Pacis from Cabanatuan. It was a perfect story to tell and the ROC format was proclaimed by battle-hardened drivers as the perfect format to have!

With Petron finally coming back to racing, with their support of the F4 South East Asia Championship, we were able to get them to support this newest championship. It will be the Decathlon of Motorsports with 10 rounds of different Motorsports disciplines. This will also answer the need for all kinds of drivers, young or old, with stock or modified cars, to race in their own race during the weekend.


After a lot of delays that happened along the way, we finally got our perfect venue and it all brought us back to the Subic Lemans Kart Track! We had a very supportive SBMA Chairman Atty Wilma Eisma and the whole Tourism Department headed by Ms. Mary Jamelle Camba and associates Fritz Manuel and Cezar Alcantara. They made it easier for us to hold it there as they still remember our Subic racing days!

When the Americans left Clark and Subic due to Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption in 1991, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority was formed to take care of the base with Chairman Richard Gordon at the helm. Our Sports Values Inc group of President Pocholo Ramirez, yours truly as Vice President, Treasurer Mandy Eduque, Macky Carapiet and others got the concession for the SIR Track near the airport. SIR was the very first race track of the country and had our first race in 1994!

Our MP Turbo group along with fellow Subic racing enthusiasts Rolen Paulino, Alex Layson and others got the kart track and renamed it the Subic Lemans Kart Track. We had lots of racing champions that started in that small track like the Michelle and Mark Bumgarner, especially having our MP Turbo National Kart Series visiting the place regularly in 1994-1997. JP Tuason, Tyson Sy and a lot more raced and loved that technical track.


The biggest factor that was settled early on was KIA’s support of the Petron ROC. With the great experience we had in the History Convention ROC with their cars, they were our first choice for the event and KIA didn’t hesitate to support us.

Armed with their mighty and nimble, 1000cc Picanto, the very agile and fast, 1600cc Rio and the powerful and best all around handler, 2000cc Forte Coupe, we knew our participants would be quite happy in the short, challenging Lemans course. What we didn’t know was if they would withstand the champions’ flat out use and they did!


Our best kept secret was that all 3 KIAs were fitted with the high performance Michelin Pilot Sport Tires and this made the champions really love the way they handled! We were lucky that all cars had their tire sizes in stock. This was a huge blessing as this doesn’t happen all the time and someone up there really liked us!

Rota was our Official Wheel supplier and Motolite Batteries as our Official Batteries. Motolite actually saved the day as we had problems with our timing system and with a little tinkering, we were able to make them run on 12 volts DC battery. Whew!

Next week, we will give you the exciting Round 1 race results of the Petron Rally of Champions. There a lot more inside stories and stay tuned. Godspeed and Happy Easter!

Inigo Anton’s Onboard Run in PACS Rd1

The very fast 13 y.o. Inigo Anton again made a spectacular top 4 run in Mark Young’s Honda Civic EF to win the top Novice Division in the first round of the Philippine Autocross Championship in Meycuayan, Bulacan last February 17, 2018.

With international race/rally champion father Carlos by his side, we were able to witness the father and son tandem make a very good showing in the tight streets of the Meycuayan Commercial Complex.  Carlos was able to get a top 3 run against more than 120 entries.

National Slalom Champion Milo Rivera extended his winning streak from last year to the PACS series against its champion Danby Yaptinchay, who had some problems with his Mitsubishi Lancer EVO.  Milo’s ever reliable Toyota Starlet was the car to beat as he posted a time that was avout 2 secs faster than everyone.

We hope to bring the full results soon and show you more racing videos in the future!


Check out our new Motorsports Page!

We have just added our new Motorsports page and will have the latest news of both local and international news that we get from all over the globe.

Hope you take some time to check it and we are now featuring the sport of Karting! We will be covering the Petron Karting Championship of 2018 and a lot of other series here and abroad.

Just click the Motorsports title above and will lead you to it.  Long live racing!


Our newest and hardest Philippine Motorsports event, the Petron Rally Of Champions, will be coming this Feb. 17-18, 2018 at the Clark Freeport.

It will be like the Decathlon of Motorsports, with 10 rounds of different racing and rallying disciplines all in one championship! We start with Gymkhana, then do Tarmac Hillclimb and Dirt Trials for the first quarter of the year.  We will also see Karting, Dirt Hillclimb, Time Speed Distance Rally, Dirt and Tarmac Rallying. The champion of this series is truly deserving to be the Champion of Champions!

This will be a 2 day weekend event where all cars and drivers are able to join.  We will have the ARRIVE AND DRIVE for regular street cars and the exciting SUPER BATTLE where the fastest cars and drivers will do battle on Saturday.

The ARRIVE AND DRIVE will be easy for anyone to win as you only have to be consistent to win.  After your practice round, you will nominate your time and try to hit it all the time.  There will be a 1 demerit for every 0.1 second that you are off from your time.  The least number of demerits will win in your class and you progress to the bracket knock out battle.

The SUPER BATTLE will have Open classes for Overall, 4WD, FWD, RWD and Prototype.  They will just go for best time in their classes and will be the most exciting event to watch.

The winners of the ARRIVE AND DRIVE brackets and the SUPER BATTLE classes will qualify to do battle in Sunday’s Race of Champions! The Race of Champions will follow Asian Gymkhana rules where participants fight each other in the same cars provided by car manufacturer/s.

There will be PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE AND MASTERS Divisions at stake, along with the TOP QUALIFIER Class of the day before.  The pre-determined number of winners in each class then goes to the Knockout event to determine the Overall Champion of that ROC Round!

Will be posting the details soon and help us spread the word!

Hello MP TURBO Friends & Fans!

Welcome to our new MP TURBO website!  We are still trying to understand all the many options that we can do with this so please bear with us. 

We will have a lot of exciting events that we will post here and in our Facebook accounts-MP Turbo Philippines, plus our own accounts of Mike Potenciano and Lindy Pellicer.  Let’s not forget all the new groups that we have made like the Philippine Motorsports History, MP Turbo Time Speed Distance Fun Run, MP Turbo Race of Champions and a lot more to come.

We will also be reporting on the different motorsports events, both here and abroad, 2 to 4 wheels to no wheels, motorized or not, powered by fossil fuels or not!  When our Filipino drivers and riders compete in these events., we will bring them right here for all to see.

We have one thing that others don’t have- lots of RETRO stuff on Philippine Motorsports through our long years of racing and rallying!  We will post them soon including the old media projects we did before like our Turbo Time Radio, Speed TV, etc.

Godspeed to you all!

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